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PCB Converter factory Model: PSD-15 / PSD-30 / PSD-45 Wattage: 5W~45W Features: 2:1 wide input range 1.5~2KVAC isolation by models Wide Input Range Converter Q: Notes on choosing a switching power supply? A: Make sure that the model qualifies for the safety standards and EMC regulations you need. Q: What is PFC? A: Power Factor Correction or PFC is to improve the ratio of apparent power to real power. The power factor is around 0.4~0.6 in non-PFC models. In models with PFC circuit, the power factor can reach above 0.95. The calculation formulas are as follows: Apparent Power=Input Voltage x Input Current (VA), Real Power= Input Voltage x Input Current x Power Factor (W). Q: Suggestion for select suitable LED power supply? A: Select suitable wattage based on customer鈥檚 system requirements and application methods. Must also take excess power and driving method into consideration. 1. For selection key points when using MW power supply to 鈥渄irectly鈥?drive LED lamp refer to LED configuration and installation notes. 2. For selection key points when using MW power supply in combination with LED driver IC to achieve high precision current control refer to LED configuration and installation notes.PCB Converter factory website:http://www.jiangglobal.com/dc-dc-converter/pcb-converter/