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JQ Series high flow CNG dispenser is a forecourt used for refueling natural gas vehicles or NGV in the CNG stations and L-CNG stations for custody transfer like a fuel pump in a Petrol station. We have supplied more than 15,000 CNG fuel dispensers which are running in over 4000 CNG stations in the past 25 years.
The dispenser can be configured with single hose with compact size to reduce investment, which is especially suitable for private, micro or mobile CNG stations with less gas filling demand.
Whilst in typical NGV stations, the dispensers with dual hoses are the most popular type for simultaneous filling at both sides without interrupting each other.
We also offer CNG dispenser with four hoses which is suitable for stations with limited space and it could fuel 4 vehicles at the same time.
鈼?nbsp;Push-to-Start design, making it quite easy to operate.
鈼?Inbuilt high-efficiency core processor dedicated for industrial application to ensure reliable performance.
鈼?Coriolis mass flow meter ensures high accuracy of +/-0.5% with temperature-compensation function.
鈼?Automatic filling to target pressure, preset amount filling, preset volume filling or manual filling functions available.
鈼?Online monitoring of pressure, temperature and flow rate during filling process.
鈼?Precise coalescent filters for removal of possible particles and liquids to protect valve cartridges, seals and gas engines on the vehicles to ensure longer service life.
鈼?All electrical and control system has adopted Fail-safe design which provided enhanced safety in operation.
鈼?Multiple safety measures with over pressure protection, pressure compensation, breakaway coupling, emergency shut-off.
鈼?ESD button for cutoff of power and gas supply in emergency case.
鈼?Data protection and display during power cut off.
鈼?Automatic error diagnosis for data distortion and fault.
鈼?Large memory chips available for storage and query of thousands of filling records.
鈼?Online drainage of filters making it convenient for maintenance.
鈼?Robust rigid enclosure structure assured the long durability of dispenser.
鈼?Optional with single bank, dual banks or three banks sequential filling types.
鈼?Optional with either pneumatic valve control or electro-solenoid valve control.
鈼?Optional back-office IC card system and Back office Management System.
鈼?Suitable for severe working conditions in tropical area as well as frigid area.
Professional Services:
Our CNG dispenser program supports internet connection through laptop or back-office management system for remote diagnosis and upgrading to latest version very conveniently upon request and access permission from client, regardless of time and location anywhere in the world without concern of international travel restraint under COVID-19 pandemic situation.Fuel Dispensers manufacturers