Thread Rolling Machine

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Specification of bar thread rolling machine
Product nameFR-100 Two Rollers Thread Rolling Machine
ApplicationIt is mainly used for rolling various precision external threads and high-strength standard parts, including ordinary threads, trapezoidal threads and modular threads. Materials suitable for rolling: various carbon steels, alloy steels and non-ferrous metals with elongation more than 10% and tensile strength less than 100kgf / mm2.
TypeVertical type, One axis fixed, the other axis hydraulic forward
Working mannerPut one piece raw material into the middle of the two rollers, and the corresponding thread is processed by the roller to squeeze the workpiece, which is specially designed for solid bar.
Rolling mannerSingle piece fixed rolling, or continous rolling
Rolling diameter range肖16- 肖80mm
Range of pitch rollingMaximum. 8mm
Rolling lengthSingle piece fixed rolling length Max. 160mm, or continous rolling
Rollers speed20/25/31/41/51/64 r/min
Rollers OD肖220mm
Rollers ID肖75mm
TransmissionWorm, worm shaft, universal joint, drive shaft
Roller shaft inclination卤10掳
Hydraulic drive power5.5 kw
Power voltage380V 50HZ
Weight (reference)3000KG
Description of bar thread rolling machine
The three-axis thread rolling machine is mainly used for rolling various precision external threads and high-strength standard parts, including ordinary threads, trapezoidal threads and modular threads.
Fangrong hydraulic scaffold pipe thread rolling machine is used to produce high-quality screws and other small tools and parts. They are very suitable for mass production, very economical and ensure excellent dimensional accuracy. Fang Rong is a well-known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of hydraulic machinery, whose products include hydraulic roller - two roll type, hydraulic roller - three roll type, etc.
Advantages of bar thread rolling machine
鈼廐igh thread strength
鈼廏ood surface finish
鈼廝recision thread
鈼廘ower friction coefficient:
鈼廘ower production lead time
鈼廋ost reduction through efficient use of materials
SAMPLES OF bar thread rolling machine
Bar thread rolling machine Packed in plastic films in container, electrical parts must be wrapped in a waterproof package in wooden case which not defected due to sea shipment.
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Q: Are there any special requirements for OEM purchases?
A: Yes, we require proof of trademark registration in order to print or emboss your trademark onto the product or packaging.
Q: What is your advantage compared with your competitors?
(1). Qualified Manufacturer
(2). Reliable Quality Control
(3). Competitive Price
(4). High Efficiency working (24*7hours)
(5). One-Stop Service
Q: Can you provide drawings and technical data?
A: Yes, our professional technical department will design and provide drawings and technical data.
Q: Have your products been exported?
A:Yes, they have been exported to USA, Canada, Australia, Russia,Chile,Panama,Nicaragua, UAE, Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Iran,Vietnam,Indonesia,Singapore,Greece,Netherland,Georgia,Romania,Ireland, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, HK,Taiwan...
Q: Can the products be manufactured by customer's requirement?
A: Yes, the specifications stated above are the standard ones, we can design and manufacture as requirement.
Q:How can I place an order?
A:You can contact any of our sales person for an order. Please provide the details of
your requirements as clear as possible. So we can send you the offer at the first time.
For designing or further discussion, it is better to contact us with Skype, WECHAT or QQ or WhatsApp or other instant ways, in case of any delays.Thread Rolling Machine