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LDPE manufacturers Low Density Polyethylene Agricultural Film Grade Resin Low Density Polyethylene Agricultural Film has low density, softness, low temperature resistance, impact resistance and good chemical stability. In general, it is resistant to acid (except strong oxidizing acid), alkali and salt corrosion, and has good electrical insulation. Low Density Polyethylene is mostly used in plastic packaging bags, and its products are mostly used in civil engineering and agricultural fields, such as geomembrane, agricultural film (shed film, plastic film, green storage film, etc.). Identification: Low Density Polyethylene plastic bag made of soft, rubbing will not make a rustle, outer packaging plastic film soft and easy to tear is LDPE, more brittle and hard is PVC or PP film. Specification Specification Performance of the projectTest condition [condition]The test methodThe test dataThe data unit Physical properties ofThe density ofD methodGB/T 1033.20.925g/cm3 Melt flow rate GB/T 36822.16g/10min Granular appearanceColor chipSH/T 15410A/kg Snakeskin and tail pelletsSH/T 15410A/kg Big and smallSH/T 15410A/kg Mechanical properties ofTensile fracture stress GB/T 1040.2鈮?0.6MPa Tensile fracture nominal strain GB/T 1040.2鈮?06% Other performanceThe fog degree GB/T 24105.7% fisheye0.8mmGB 11115鈮?A/1520cm2 0.4mmGB 11115鈮?A/1520cm2LDPE manufacturers website:http://www.chinadawngroup.com/plastic-raw-material/ldpe/

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