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Experience exceptional digestive healthcare at Geo Clinic, led by Dr. Ranjith B. S., a distinguished specialist in piles, fistulas, fissures, blood in stool, and hernias.

About the Geo Clinic:

Geo Clinic is a leading healthcare facility in Bangalore dedicated to the specialized treatment of digestive disorders. Under the expert care of Dr. Ranjith B. S., a seasoned gastroenterologist and surgeon with extensive experience, we offer state-of-the-art treatments for conditions like piles, fistulas, fissures, and blood in stools or motion.

Services Offered:

- Piles Treatment

- Fistula Treatment

- Fissure Treatment

- Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

- Blood in Stools/Motion Treatment

- Acidity (GERD)/Gastritis Treatment and More

Why Choose Us?

Expert Doctors: Led by Dr. Ranjith B. S., our team comprises skilled professionals specializing in gastrointestinal procedures.

Advanced Procedures: We utilize laser and endoscopic techniques for effective and minimally invasive treatments.

Quick Recovery: Our procedures ensure quick recovery, allowing you to resume your regular activities promptly.

Give us a call at +91 97428 06665 for personalized piles, fistula, fissure, and blood in stool/movement solutions at Geo Clinic.

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