Adventurer in India seeks new challenges and thrilling experiences

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Hey! Do you know What challenges did Colonel Jamwal, the renowned adventurer in India, face on his quest for new and thrilling experiences?
As one of India's most celebrated adventurers, Colonel Jamwal faced numerous challenges in his quest for new and thrilling experiences. From harsh weather conditions to technical difficulties on the world's highest peaks, his expeditions demanded the utmost physical and mental strength. But he never gave up and pushed himself to the limit, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and conquer new frontiers. Colonel Jamwal is truly an adventurer in India who has left an indelible mark on the world of mountaineering.


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Ranveer Singh Jamwal

Director at NIMAS

Dirang, west kameng Arunachal Pradesh

Postal address-NIMAS, Pin 900194 c/o 99 APO